Friday, June 10, 2011

How To Piss Off Your Online English Class

Copied over from my old blog:

So as stated in my profile, I'm currently attending Academy of Art University online. Because as much as I'd love to move to San Francisco, alas, I can only afford to live in Kansas City.
Anyway I'm taking this creative writing class, which is part of my graduation requirement. It's been a disappointment because I was looking forward to the class, and it's turned out to be god awful.
So for this week we're reading "Keith" by Ron Carlson. It is a story about the popular girl in high school and her romance with a kid who has cancer who she never noticed before. The story is awful. The discussion, even worse. Being that our grades are dependent on our participation on the readings, I posted that i didn't like the story and why in hopes to spark discussion since we weren't getting any guidance from our professor. My post was pretty much ignored in the interest of everyone posting and agreeing with each other and pretty much repeating what the other classmates had said ten times over. It's like a forum full of Furbies.
"It's, like, totally about these two finding each other!"
So, out of frustration with the discussion, I decided to take a more satirical approach.
So from now on if you're stuck in bad literary discussion, just say the main character is a vampire and use bits from the story as evidence.
"Wouldn't that be trolling the class discussion?" One might ask.
Depends on how sound the evidence is. I, for one, think I have a pretty strong case.

Here's the picture I attached with it:

This was inspired by a similar thing that happened to a friend of mine who took an honors class on Poe. Apparently they were convinced the main character in one of the stories was a vampire.


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