Friday, June 10, 2011

New layout!

I finally got around to designing an actual layout for my blog. Well the graphics are all mine. I sort of borrowed some of the code from the old template. (I'm not that great at coding websites.

Anyway I also moved a couple of posts from my other blog here. I had originally intended this to be my sketch blog and to have a separate blog for writing. Well, it turns out managing two blogs is a huge pain and hardly anyone visited that blog anyway. I ended up moving some of my better posts from my old blog to here for preservation purposes. One is a short story I wrote for my online writing class, and the other is a retelling of my trolling said class. I'm proud of them both so I couldn't get rid of them. :)

Expect any of my endeavors, written or drawn, to be posted here form now on.

Also, I'm totally sitting on that brontosaurus.


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